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Table of Contents
Total Running Time:  Apprx. 10.5 Hrs.

Disc 1 - Inside Final Cut Pro 5

I. Welcome to FCP5
1. Introduction
2. The Mac OS

II. New Features
1. Multichannel Audio
2.Improved Reconnect Media
3. Improved Motion and
4. Dynamic Real-Time
5. Midi Control Surface Support

III. New Workflow and Formats
1. New Format Support
2. Xsan Support

IV. Final Cut Pro 5 Preferences
1. User Preferences
2. System Preferences
3. Audio / Video Settings

V.Editing with Multiclips
1. When to Use Multiclip Editing
2. Synchronization Methods
3. Editing the Multiclip
4. Working with the Editied Multiclip
5. "Send To" Menu
6. Export Options

Disc 2 - Inside Editing with Final Cut Pro HD

I. Inside Editing with Final Cut Pro HD
1.Introduction to HD
2. Editing the Multiclip
3. Multiple capture & output opions; DV, SD, HD & film
4. Real time with HD
5. Interoperability with LiveType
6. Pro tips, techniques & tricks
7. HD System set-up

Disc 3 - Inside Final Cut Pro 4

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Final Cut Pro 4

  • About the Training
  • About Final Cut Pro 4
  • Workflows with FCP 4- Film Output, Broadcast Output

Lesson 2 - Basic Tour and Layout

  • Introduction to the FCP4 Interface

Lesson 3 - Setting up Final Cut Pro 4

  • User Settings
  • System Settings
  • Audio/Video Settings
  • About Acquisition Formats and Frame Rates
  • Customizing Interface and Keyboard
  • Optimizing OSX for FCP4

Lesson 4 - Capturing Media

  • Overview of Logging and Capturing
  • Importing Media
  • Browser Organization

Lesson 5 - Editing in Final Cut Pro

  • Introduction to the New Features
  • GangSynch/SlipSynch
  • Trimming
  • Time Remapping

Lesson 6 - Color Correction

  • Introduction to Color Correction
  • How to Use the Video Scopes
  • Solving Poor White Balance
  • Altering Chrominance
  • Matching Shots (Hue Matching)
  • Other Color Correction Techniques

Lesson 7 - Compositing and Animation

  • Introduction to Compositing
  • Titling in FCP4
  • Picture in Picture
  • Introduction to LiveType
  • 2D Frame Moves

Lesson 8 - Audio

  • Audio Mixing in FCP4
  • Using the Voice Over Tool
  • Introduction to Soundtrack
  • Exporting Audio

Lesson 9 - Media Management

  • Using the Media Management

Lesson 10 - Output

  • Introduction to Professional Outputting
  • Outputting for Broadcast
  • Outputting for Film
  • Introduction to Cinema Tools
  • Outputting for DVD/Web
  • Introduction to Compressor





"Inside Final Cut Pro 5"

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From DMTS Training:

The award-winning Digital Media Training Series™ presents Inside Final Cut Pro 5. Inside Final Cut Pro 5 includes our full training for Final Cut Pro 4 plus additional 2 discs for 4.5/HD and Final Cut Pro 5.

Inside Final Cut Pro 5 -
Update Disc

Inside Final Cut Pro 5 features special project-based lessons, including: multicamera editing, setting up your system for all the HD formats; working with multichannel audio; keyboard shortcuts for OS X: Tiger, and more. You will work alongside a real world industry pro, as you quickly master this latest update for our Final Cut series of titles so that you can work confidently on your own.

Inside Editing with Final Cut Pro HD/4.5

The update disc has everything you need to know about working in HD. Find out all the benefits that HD has to offer and how this impacts the future of digital production. Learn about frame rates, Interlaced vs. Progressive Scan, Aspect Ratio, conversion formats, output, and what products are out there to help you along the way.

Inside Editing with Final Cut Pro 4

In the 7-hour Final Cut Pro 4 training DVD, renowned Final Cut Pro expert Evan Schechtman of Outpost Digital demonstrates how to professionally use Final Cut Pro to prepare projects for film, broadcast, DVD, and the web. While working on a real-world project, users will learn the fundamentals of color correction; audio mixing; compositing; media management; understanding the applications of LiveType, Soundtrack and Compressor; SD/HD workflow; and much more!

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